Saturday, April 3, 2010

The relevence of Title Tags

I was recently involved in a discussion at ADM regarding the importance of Meta Tags.  I did a test on our main marketing website and changed the title tags to include our core products Automotive SEO and Microsites and saw an intimidate improvement in ranking for one of those terms.

I find it comical that guys on the ground at dealerships whose job it is to sell cars seem to have all the answers about web marketing and things such as Automotive SEO.  While I do feel that they should at least have a cursory understanding of things such as this there is no way that they can have the depth of knowledge that someone who does it on a daily basis full time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Experimenting to Test Theories

In a recent article I did at my primary marketing site I talked about how we test on our own sites before putting it into action on clients sites in relation to automotive seo.  W would definitely not want to put a clients main property in danger of being sand boxed like a major vendor just did to their clients.

So we created a couple of properties to see how well they will show up in the search engines for terms like Cincinnati used cars and BMW model names.  These sites will take some nurturing, but if they work our clients will see increased traffic at places like and back to their main website.  While many may consider this type of merchandising as pushing the limit, we do too to an extent.  It will provide for a great case study to show how easy it is to rank for quasi competitive keywords.

No search term in localized automotive marketing is to difficult until you get into some of the larger metros but if this works it will be a snap to get into them as well.  We are already seeing some great successes with some of our other supporting properties like this one that is picking up traffic on terms like Texas direct auto sales

One thing that we made sure of when we set up these properties is that they do not directly involve a clients website.  That is just to big of a risk to take for an unproven theory.  We can take it if our sites get sandboxed or even pushed to supplemental indexes because the goal is to prove or disprove our ideas.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Cincinnati Ford Dealer In Our Eyes

We have been working with Beechmont Ford for over a year now. They are located at 600 Ohio Pike Cincinnati, OH and they have done a great job in maximizing thier online presence.

Right now we are testing some things to make it easier for shoppers to find them online. We are glad to have them as a client...

in reference to: Beechmont Ford - Google Maps (view on Google Sidewiki)

Building out Supporting SEO properties

As an automotive SEO consultant occasionally we are faced with some ire from those that do not understand the trade. Mainly it is because they do not understand the process that we go through to help our clients build up relevance in the marketplace. Many times it is through primarily offsite efforts once we have home base stepping inline.

Part of what we do is build out supporting properties that continually drive links to clients sites. We do this through a combination of evergreen content and repurposing other content. These "supporting" properties in our opinion need to pay their own rent in addition to providing value to the properties they support. A couple examples of properties that use repourposed content are Texas direct used cars and Automotive Nexus which uses the ebay api to bring in automotive listings.

Some people do not agree in using automated content and or monetizing it, we make sure our clients know that we use this as part of our strategy in addition to more evergreen content like what can be found at Ford Model Lineup and Chevy Product Report.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Will this have SEO implications?

The sidewiki app that google offers has the potential to create an underground of ratings for businesses. I am just wondering if this tool will also figure into the google algorithm.

We will run a series of test to see how this plays out.

in reference to: Google Sidewiki (view on Google Sidewiki)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Dynamic SEO Farce

Automotive SEO is very confusing to car dealers. Today in a conversation with a dealer who uses the platform we were able to show them how they were not getting much value the amount of money they are spending for dealerdotcom's Dynamic SEO offering. The article referenced shows that there is a lot more than some minor title tags and content updates to propel your site to the top of the search engines.

When dealers spend money for services they should be delivered value for their spend. Times have been tough for the last year in the auto industry and spending money for marketing services and not getting results for their efforts is a shame.

If you have been paying for the dynamic seo offer from please contact us @ 800-406-1794 so we can show you how to recoup some of your lost money and get you on the path truly dominating the search engines.

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